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About Us

Pharmacist Owned and Managed

We are Tennessee’s first and only CBD/Hemp Dispensary owned and managed by a Pharmacist and staffed by Medical Professionals certified in Cannabinoid Pharmacotherapy. We offer an environment that is warm and inviting.

Your health is our main concern, so we will work with your Primary Care Team to ensure that CBD fits into your health and wellness treatment plan. We are available to answer ANY questions you may have regarding effective dosing, potential drug interactions, side effects and to help you determine your personal treatment goals.
If desired, we can have one of our staff members schedule weekly or monthly follow up calls with our Registered Nurse or Licensed Pharmacist to ensure you are receiving the desired therapeutic outcome from your CBD treatment.

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Our Trusted Client Reviews

Check out what people are saying about Brookside CBD Wellness Center!

Wills Jhon

“I’ve never been in a CBD store before. This was awesome and the owner was very helpful. She gave us free samples, explained how it works, what products I needed for pain and sleep. She even took her time to look up the medication my wife is on to see what would work best for her anxiety…”


David Weise

“they had great customer service. I was not high pressure sold, They answered questions (I probably asked more than once) with politeness, they were informative and overall very pleasant” “the product was purchased because the retailer (Brookside) is a professional, respectable, courteous, business. I’m glad my encounter with CBD began with them”