If you are considering moving to the area of Alder Branch TN, you might be wondering what it is like to live here. You can find out the average home price in the neighborhood, the percentage of Scots-Irish people, and distances to nearby cities. You can even learn what the weather is like in the neighborhood. This article will help you make your decision about living in Alder Branch TN. Read on to learn more about this neighborhood.

Average home price in Alder Branch / Catlettsburg neighborhood

Real estate values in the Alder Branch / Catlettsburg community are higher than in most neighborhoods in the United States. The median home price in this neighborhood is $353,230, which is higher than the U.S. average and is much higher than the state’s median of $217,900. In addition to single-family homes, there are also many apartment complexes and high-rises, which are occupied by a mix of renters and owners. The real estate in this neighborhood was mostly built between the 1970s and the 2000s.

Alder Branch / Catlettsburg is a diverse neighborhood. The population is comprised of mostly college educated seniors, which contributes to the diversity of housing options. The average home price in this neighborhood is $123,824 (seasonally adjusted), and it has risen 14.3% since last year. The neighborhood is also home to many seniors who are interested in retirement living. The demographic makeup of this neighborhood makes it an excellent choice for retirees, and NeighborhoodScout ranks it as a top-rated place for seniors in Tennessee.

Scots-Irish ancestry in Alder Branch / Catlettsburg neighborhood

You may have wondered what the origins of the Scots-Irish people are. In Britain, this term has no meaning, but in the United States, it is commonly used to describe a population with Scots-Irish ancestry. Although their origins are largely unknown, they were highly mobile, and many of these ancestors came from the Scottish borders, with names like Armstrong, Bell, and Elliot.

The famine in Scotland led to a large influx of Scots-Irish immigrants to Ulster. During the 1690s, tens of thousands of Scots fled to Ireland and settled in Ulster. In this neighborhood, the Scots-Irish people established thriving textile businesses. The area still has a large population of people with Scottish ancestry.

The earliest records of Scots-Irish settlers in North Carolina show that there were a handful of prominent Scottish families. In 17th century, Scots-Irish men were among the first to settle in the state. Their descendants came to the US during the American Revolution and fought the British in the Battle of Kings Mountain. This opened the mountains to settlement. The Scots-Irish people who settled here brought with them the agricultural and cultural traditions of their homelands. This culture also shaped the distinctive Appalachian landscape.

The neighborhood is characterized by many ethnicities. Scots-Irish are more prevalent in this neighborhood than in other neighborhoods in the city. In fact, 4.1% of the residents in this neighborhood are Scots-Irish. Other factors that influence the neighborhood’s ethnicity include poverty and crime. The residents of Alder Branch / Catlettsburg neighborhood tend to have lower incomes and a lower level of education than the average American.

According to the Harvard Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Groups, the Irish population in the United States was around 400,000 in 1790. At the time, most of the Irish were from Ulster or other provinces in Ireland. The majority of people in this neighborhood are Protestant. This could indicate that the neighborhood is underdeveloped or that many homes in this neighborhood have not yet been occupied.

Distances to nearby cities

When you’re planning a trip, it’s helpful to know how far away neighboring cities are. This way, you can plan a weekend getaway or explore the area. If you live in Alder Branch, you can even use this information to find nearby cities within a 100-mile radius. You can also find out how far a city is from the town you’re staying in.

These lists contain distances from Alder Branch, Tennessee to nearby cities in various distance ranges. For example, a city in the state of Tennessee may be 73 miles away from Alder Branch. Whether you’re flying to or driving from Alder Branch, TN, knowing the distance will help you make the right travel plans. When traveling by car, always check the road conditions before deciding which cities to visit and what to see.

If you’re traveling by car, the shortest distance between Alder Branch and Waldensia is 81 miles. However, driving to Alder Branch from Waldensia will take you around 1 hour and 51 minutes. If you’re traveling by car, you can also consider taking the train or bus. These will take you to nearby cities in less than an hour, and they are conveniently located on the map.

Weather in Alder Branch / Catlettsburg neighborhood

Check out the current weather in Alder Branch / Catlettburg with our local weather report for the area. Find out current temperatures and humidity levels, rain and snow chances, and wind chill factors. Find out if the weather will be sunny or cloudy and when the sun will rise and set. You can also find out traffic conditions in the neighborhood and any weather alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS).

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