I was given an Avida disposable vape pen to review for this review. These pens are white with a square liquid window. They feature the Avida logo on the bottom and side, and a tiny LED light on the side to let you know when the batteries are low. I was not disappointed in the quality of these pens. I’d definitely recommend these to anyone looking for an affordable CBD vape pen.


If you are looking for the best CBD vape pen, you should try the FabCBD brand. Founded just four years ago, FAB CBD is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its clients and producing the highest quality products. Their vape pens contain CBD, terpenes, CBN, and CBG. The only things these pens lack are flavoring, PG, or MCT.

FAB CBD has a user-friendly website with useful information about their products. It explains the benefits of CBD, what cannabinoids do, and how they affect the body. It also includes reviews from other users and information on the ingredients. This helps consumers make an informed decision. It is important to find a product with the most potent CBD. A well-rounded product will contain enough CBD for the vaper to stay within safe limits.

Avida CBD offers several different types of CBD vape pens in a variety of flavors. The flavorless vape pen contains 100mg of CBD per milliliter. Its solid 280mah battery allows for up to 300 puffs, and the ingredients are all beneficial. The price range is moderate, which makes the FabCBD for avida disposable vape pen a great choice for everyday use.

Unlike many other CBD vape products, the FabCBD for avida disposable vap pen does not contain any artificial flavors or additives. It delivers a natural fruity flavor and aroma. You can use it as a daily vape pen or just for a late-night party. These pens are designed to be discreet and can easily be tucked into your pocket or purse. Additionally, FabCBD for avida disposable vape pen is reasonably priced, at only $26.

Funky Farms

The CBD vape pen from Funky Farms is arguably the best available CBD vaporizer on the market. It comes in multiple flavours and is very portable. It contains 300mg of premium hemp extract. It is expensive, but is well worth it for the convenience it offers. If you suffer from anxiety or are on a budget, you might be interested in the cheapest version. This disposable vape pen is available in several flavours, and has enough CBD oil to last for many uses.

The patented pod design offers a clean and easy to use experience. The vaporizer is compact and comes with a battery that is charged on the day of purchase. The e-juice is made from hemp grown in the United States, and the battery is charged when it is shipped. The e-liquid is free of fillers, allowing for more flavor selections. A few flavors available now include spearmint, blueberry, and grape.

The Avida disposable vape pen is designed to last up to 300 puffs. The cartridges are made of high-quality materials to ensure the safety of your vape. There are different CBD strains available for this vape, and each pen contains 300 mg of CBD. These can help you fight stress and anxiety and improve sleep. They are also incredibly affordable and can be found in many flavors. You can find your favorite flavor for a fraction of the price of a premium vape.

Cheef Botanicals

The Cheef Botanicals avida vape pen is an excellent option for anyone looking for a high-quality CBD vapor cartridge. The product line offers a variety of flavors, including a fruity hemp flavor. The vapor produced by this device is both smooth and flavorful, and it is free of chemicals, additives, and flavors. Cheef Botanicals’ website is comprehensive and contains plenty of information about the benefits of CBD.

The disposable CBD vaporizer by Cheef Botanicals comes in two strengths, with each containing 200 or 400 puffs. Each cartridge contains different hemp terpenoid compounds, and many of the flavors come with additional botanical extracts. The product’s vaporizer can be purchased in three different strengths, from 300 mg to 600 mg, depending on your personal preference. The battery is removable, and the vape produces about 200 to 400 puffs per fill.

These CBD cartridges come in varying dosages and packaging options, making them suitable for a variety of different users. Moreover, you can purchase them directly from the company’s website. Cheef Botanicals strives to provide high-quality products that don’t compromise on taste. Their hemp is grown organically in Colorado and the company uses natural methods when producing their products. Those who are vegan will find the cartridges suitable for them.

FabCBD’s Calm Vape Pen

The FabCBD’s Calm Vapor Pen is an excellent option for CBD consumers who prefer a discreet, easy-to-use product. Featuring a glossy, sleek build and a vaporizing chamber that is easy to slide into your pocket, this vape pen offers a pleasant experience without being obtrusive. Its sleek design makes it easy to carry around and offers discreet vaping anywhere you go.

The FAB CBD’s Calm Vape Pen is a fully disposable pen that contains 500 mg of premium hemp extract. The pen also contains a good mix of terpenes, CBD, CBN, and CBG. It contains no flavoring or PG, and is made of pesticide and GMO-free hemp. Additionally, it contains a small amount of CBG, which is beneficial for those with anxiety.

This rechargeable CBD vape pen is a perfect solution for people who want to try CBD without having to purchase a large bottle of the product. The disposable pen’s cartridges are removable and come with a 510 threaded battery. However, if you’re new to vape, it can be frustrating to find a reputable, high-quality CBD vape pen. Experts in the cannabis and health industry recommend a few good brands.

FabCBD’s Savage Vape Pen

The FabCBD Savage Vape Pen is a disposable CBD vape pen that comes pre-filled with 500 mg of CBD. The device has a pen-style battery with airflow and is designed to be used at low temperatures. It is easy to use, and users loved the sleek design and built quality. This vape pen also slipped easily into a pocket, making it easy to bring with you.

This disposable vape pen has a sleek design and is pre-filled with e-liquid. It also comes with a battery that’s removable and can be recharged. A 510-threaded battery powers the vape pen. Its sleek design makes it a great choice for discreet use. Many marijuana brands manufacture these vape pens, making them an excellent choice for discreet use.

This disposable vape pen comes in a variety of flavor options, including fruity and hemp-inspired flavors. It produces a high-quality vapor and impacts on the throat. Many users liked the customer service team, and the website offers a wealth of information. The Savage CBD company also ships to many states, but it is not widely available. Nevertheless, it’s worth considering if you want to try CBD products on a budget.

Avida PUFF Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Pen

The new Avida PUFF CBD Vape Pens are a great way to take advantage of CBD’s health benefits without the side effects. They are the most potent CBD vape pens available today, delivering up to 100mg of pure CBD in a single-use, pre-charged pen. The PUFF Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Pens mimic the classic flavor of Blue Razz, while also utilizing a 100% pure CBD extract and optimized PG/VG ratio. The CBD oil is derived from hemp flowers and is 99.9% pure and works to stimulate your body’s Endocannabinoid System.

The PUFF CBD Vape Pen contains 100mg of pure CBD isolate in a 50/50 VG/PG blend. Each pen delivers about 300 puffs of CBD oil, and the PUFF CBD Vape Pens contain an internal battery with 280mAh of total power. The PUFF CBD Vape Pens have been thoroughly tested to be free of harmful contaminants, and the nicotine content is only 1mg per puff.

The PUFF CBD Vape Pen has been designed for both men and women. The sleek, rounded design of the pen combines style with ease of use. The PUFF CBD Vape Pen contains 250mg of broad spectrum CBD. There’s no need to worry about the vapour. The vape pen is designed to be discreet and low-profile for a comfortable vaping experience.