Fortunately, there are many drinks infused with CBD that are available. Try Oleo, Sproutly, or Dirty Lemon. Each has unique benefits and taste. Coconut water contains CBD, but many people prefer a blend of both. If you’re not sure which one is right for you, read on for some tips. It’s also easy to make infused drinks at home. Whether you use it as a daily drink or for special occasions, CBD drinks can soothe your nerves and reduce stress.


A recent acquisition by Sproutly Canada, Inc., purveyor of an extract called INFUZ2O, enables the company to commercialize cannabis in beverage form. With a high percentage of outstanding shares, the company plans to tap into a growing market for nonalcoholic beverages infused with cannabidiol. The acquisition will also increase the company’s focus on the commercialization of its proprietary APP Technology.

Sproutly’s proprietary APP Technology extracts CBD molecules from marijuana and blends them with water. This process differs from that used by other cannabis companies, as the proprietary extract mixes easily with water. As a result, the product retains its excellent taste and texture. This is a benefit that can’t be replicated by other CBD products. The company also expects to see legalization of marijuana beverages in Canada.

The cannabis industry is rapidly expanding, and cannabis-infused beverages have the potential to revolutionize the way Canadians consume alcohol and other beverages. Canada’s legalization of marijuana has prompted numerous entrepreneurs and investors to enter the cannabis industry. Sproutly Canada, Inc., a company specializing in CBD-infused drinks, has announced a partnership with Moosehead Breweries. The two companies plan to use their combined expertise to develop the best CBD-infused beverages.

Many companies have adapted the water-soluble extraction methods used by pharmaceutical companies, but Sproutly’s patented water-soluble formula doubles yield from each plant. The company avoids adding any chemical additives to the extracted cannabinoids, which are known as “free oils.”


OLEO infused with CBD drink mixes are a great way to get your daily dose of CBD without the added calories or taste. OLEO uses a natural carbohydrate binder to increase the bioavailability of CBD. They have patented a process that makes the powders both water soluble and highly bioavailable. The drinks are also great for on-the-go consumption of CBD. Unlike many CBD drink mixes, OLEO contains no THC, so you can feel good about taking a CBD beverage on the go.

OLEO, a Seattle-based company, is a consumer-oriented CBD drink company that recently raised $1.5 million through a convertible note round. Bissell, who is also the CEO, said that they plan to target both drug stores and retailers. OLEO plans to release a new flavor every two months. OLEO also plans to expand their distribution by partnering with other brands that are already selling their drinks.

OLEO infused with CBD drink mixes are 100 percent water-soluble and come in flavors like peach, mango, and blueberry. The powders can be mixed with water or any other beverage and deliver the full spectrum of CBD benefits. As the only CBD company to use a proprietary micro-encapsulation technology, OLEO’s CBD products are twice as bioavailable than standard CBD tinctures. This increases absorption and helps users experience long-lasting effects.

OLEO infused with CBD is available at many retail locations throughout the country and on their website. The coconut-based products contain CBD in micro-encapsulated form. They are water-soluble and have no aftertaste. The benefits of consuming OLEO infused with CBD include greater bioaccessibility and a more enjoyable lifestyle. When used on a daily basis, these products can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Sproutly’s Dirty Lemon

A new drink featuring CBD and turmeric is coming to markets near you. The company’s new Dirty Lemon infused beverage is now available for pre-order for $65 per case and will be shipped nationwide on July 9. Developed in collaboration with the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Cannabis and Health, this new drink combines an energizing matcha blend and a sleep-inducing lemon flavor.

The brand is partnering with premium cannabis brand BEBOE to release an elixir containing 20mg of cannabidiol. CBD, which is naturally found in the cannabis plant, is thought to help alleviate stress, promote relaxation, and improve overall well-being. The drink also includes the therapeutic ingredient l-theanine, which improves cognition and relaxation.

Sproutly’s leadership team is comprised of individuals with decades of experience in both research and executive management positions. Dr. Sen has a background in biotechnology and has worked in various capacities in the U.S. and Canada. Moreover, Craig Loverock has served as CEO of an award-winning nutraceutical company. Karin Marcellino, a chemistry graduate, has spearheaded Sproutly’s vision and proven operational leadership.

The water-soluble form of cannabinoids eliminates the unpleasant smell and taste of marijuana. Because cannabinoids are water-soluble, they don’t require the use of sugar, chemicals, or oil encapsulation. The water-soluble form also provides the best nutritional and medicinal value for consumers. The cannabis beverage industry is becoming a commodity, and businesses must differentiate themselves and brand themselves accordingly. The company has the ability to do just that.

While CBD has long been regarded as a beneficial addition to a wellness drink, the problem remains about how much of it should be present. Fortunately, CBD is now available in a palatable form. As with any other product, the CBD content is aided by the “entourage effect” – the interaction of a full spectrum of cannabinoids with a cocktail of other ingredients enhances each other’s effects.

Sproutly’s coconut water

Sproutly’s coconut water flavored with CBD is made from 100 percent pure coconut water and contains pharma-grade CBD, a naturally occurring cannabinoid that helps to reduce inflammation and anxiety. It also contains a healthy dose of electrolytes and other electrolyte-rich ingredients, while being 0% THC. Moreover, it is free of added sugar or cholesterol, and never comes from a concentrate.

Sproutly’s kombucha

A recent announcement from Sproutly, a company that makes kombucha infused with CBD, has consumers buzzing. Its new beverage contains the active ingredient cannabidiol, which comes from the cannabis plant. While THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana, is illegal in the U.S., CBD has no psychoactive effects. This is a big step forward for the beverage industry.

CBD is one of at least 113 different cannabinoids found in cannabis. The most common psychoactive substance, THC, is found in marijuana and is illegal in many countries. Although the plant contains THC and other psychoactive compounds, CBD has no effect on the taste of kombucha. Commercially produced kombucha may include strong flavors such as ginger and citrus fruits. CBD-infused kombucha is made by adding CBD oil after the first ferment.

While it is unclear if kombucha can reduce cholesterol, researchers are studying whether it can reduce blood sugar. Its ability to suppress blood sugar levels in rats suggests that it may be a treatment for diabetes. There are currently no clinical studies, but there are hopes that it will be legal in the future. With cannabis becoming legal in Canada, more people will be able to benefit from it.

It isn’t clear exactly how kombucha infused with CBD will affect the body, but the benefits seem obvious. Sproutly has made the process of producing kombucha as natural as possible. The fermentation process itself can be a healthy experience for the body and helps fight the effects of toxins and stress. The process of fermentation is one of the most important things a person needs to do for their health.