How to Pass a CBD and Drug Test

How To Pass A Cbd And Drug Test

One of the most common questions asked by cannabis enthusiasts is if CBD is legal for human consumption. There is no scientific proof that CBD is legal, but there is a growing body of research that suggests that it can pass drug tests. But what are the best ways to ensure that CBD does not fail drug tests? Read on to learn more. Moreover, you can also check the lab reports of CBD products to ensure that they do not contain any trace amounts of THC.

Avoiding products that say full spectrum or trace amounts of THC

CBD tinctures and oils contain a small percentage of THC, but they are still considered full spectrum products. Full spectrum oils contain the full profile of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other components of the cannabis plant, otherwise known as the magic sauce. Broad spectrum products are similar to full spectrum oils, but have been refined to remove the THC. Since hemp and marijuana contain trace amounts of THC, broad spectrum products can offer the same magical sauce without the psychoactive drug.

Exercise can influence a cbd and drug test

It isn’t clear if exercise can influence a CBD and drug test. However, researchers have compared the effects of CBD on various markers of exercise-induced inflammation. Exercise increased plasma levels of IL-1b, interleukin-6, lipopolysaccharide, and myoglobin. However, these changes are very small, making it difficult to accurately assess the influence of CBD on these markers.

In one study, researchers found that participants who exercised had higher levels of THC than those who did not. Exercise released dormant THC from fat cells accumulated during chronic cannabis use. This THC rush could affect a roadside drug test. But, the study results suggest that exercise can enhance the results of a drug test. Therefore, exercise and CBD can both influence drug test results.

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