How To Use CBD Roll-On

Bio Spectrum Pain Relief Roll On 1000mg with Lidocaine

So many people are benefitting from CBD or Cannabidiol for different ailments that are enriching their lives and leave them wondering why they didn’t find out about it sooner! With so many different products on the market, it’s hard to know which one will best suit you. That all really boils down to why you’re using CBD. Many people that have suffered for years with various aches and pains have found CBD to be an excellent alternative to over-the-counter or prescription medications that can be pricey and sometimes, yield no positive results. One of the CBD products that are consistently a top seller is CBD roll-on products, but some don’t even realize this is an option or know how to use CBD roll-on. We’ll discuss that further and tell you all you need to know about these great solutions!

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound found in the cannabis or hemp plant that has truly taken the wellness sector by storm over the last few years. CBD has been thought to have numerous benefits as it acts as an antioxidant, can reduce inflammation, is thought to be a neuroprotectant, can ease pain, anxiety, seizures, and all kinds of other things. There are different types of CBD, as well as different methods of getting CBD, so it’s always important to do your research, speak with your physician to ensure it’s right for you, and buy your CBD products from a reputable source.

What is CBD Roll-On?

A CBD roll on stick is an easy and convenient way to hit pain right at the source of the problem! It is applied directly to the area that’s causing you pain or inflammation and can start its work quickly, giving you the relief you need in a jiff. These sticks are just that, a stick like container that usually has a roller ball under the cap that you get the perfect amount of product without it becoming a mess for you to clean up later. Most of the time, these products include coconut or hemp seed oil and even some essential oils that have been said to also be beneficial like peppermint. A CBD roll on stick is many people’s preferred method as it can be easily thrown in your purse or gym bag for easy access whenever you need it.

Bio Spectrum Pain Relief Roll On 1000mg with Lidocaine

How Do I Use a CBD Roll On Stick?

The use of these products has been made very uncomplicated. While this is a straightforward and simple application, we’ll share a few tips and tricks for application to ensure you get everything you can out of this product:

  • Focus on the Area: It’s a common misconception that where you feel pain is where the pain is ultimately stemming from. Oftentimes, that’s not the case. For instance, if you suffer from neck pain, it could actually be from tension and not necessarily a problem in your neck. Being able to get to the root cause of the pain you’re experiencing will help tremendously when trying to figure out the best place to apply a CBD roll on stick.
  • Amount: Sometimes, less is more! You don’t want to overdo it and waste your roll on stick. In the same sense, you also don’t want to use too little as it’s less likely to be effective. The best way to go about figuring out what the perfect amount is to start with a little, wait about 15 minutes, and then use more if you feel like it’s needed.
  • Clean the Area: It’s important to keep your CBD roll on stick free from any dirt, lint, or other debris. Clean the area you plan on applying the stick to prior to use with warm water and a tiny bit of soap.
  • Test It: While you shouldn’t have any issues, many people have very sensitive skin. Test the CBD roll on stick on a small area to ensure no irritation results.


While not every product works for every person, if you experience frequent pain due to arthritis, sore muscles, or inflammation, to name a few, a CBD roll on product may be right for you. There are many on the market, but if you’re unsure where to start, check out this top selling roll on at Brookside CBD Wellness Center! Our staff is always here to answer any questions about our products you may have and can even work with your doctor to ensure you utilize things that could benefit you!


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