If you’ve been looking for a CBD daily intensive cream, then you’ve come to the right place! This product is packed with essential oils, Hemp CBD, Shea Butter, Aloe, Lavender, and many other beneficial, naturally derived ingredients. The resulting cream targets pain and provides an immediate soothing sensation, while also moisturizing the skin. With three times the strength of the original formula, CBD Intensive Cream can offer you the ultimate relief from your skin’s aches and pains.

Ingredients in cbd daily intensive cream

CBD Daily Intensive Cream is a thick, creamy formula containing a full spectrum of CBD and other essential oils. It is formulated to provide immediate pain relief and deep moisturizing benefits. Its patented formula is a favorite among professional athletes, massage therapists, and outdoor enthusiasts. The cream contains 180 mg of CBD and is triple the strength of the original formula. It is also vegan friendly.

CBD oil is an effective ingredient for topical creams, as it hydrates skin and soothes dry skin. The natural moisturizing properties of CBD oil help relieve itchiness caused by dry skin. It is also effective at relieving inflammation. And it is a great choice for those who suffer from chronic conditions. A daily dose of this cream can reduce the risk of developing serious health conditions like cancer.

Before applying CBD Daily Intensive Cream, it is important to read the ingredients label to determine the potency and recommended dosage. Most CBD creams will list dosage in milligrams, but you should start with a lower dose and work your way up. There are high-potency creams that can provide eight milligrams of CBD per application, while low-potency products only provide three to four mg per application. CBD Daily Intensive Cream is available in three potency levels and is thickened with Shea Butter.


CBD Daily Triple Strength Intensive Cream is infused with 180 mg of CBD. It is a topical product designed for those who are more experienced in using CBD. Its moisturizing properties and soothing scent help relieve inflammation and chronic discomfort. The cream also leaves the skin deeply moisturized. Whether you’re looking for a daily CBD cream or a specialized topical lotion, CBD Daily Triple Strength Intensive Cream will provide you with the relief you’ve been looking for.

The Triple Strength Intensive Cream targets aches and pains with a soothing sensation that takes effect almost immediately. The cream contains a high concentration of CBD, as well as other powerful ingredients such as shea butter, aloe, and lavender. It also contains 180 mg of CBD, making it more effective than any other topical cream. CBD Daily Intensive Cream is also easy to apply and contains no THC.


CBD Daily Intensive Cream is a highly-effective topical solution for sore muscles and joints. It contains 600 mg of pure CBD per jar, massages easily into the skin, and is completely drug test safe. Various scents are available, including classic mint and sandalwood. Several sizes and scents are available to suit your specific needs. These products are essential items for overall well-being. Read on to discover more.

CBD Daily is based in California, and offers a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. You can return your purchase for a full refund, but be sure to keep your receipt for proof. They use an organic industrial hemp and CO2 extraction methods, and you can get a full refund or replacement product within 14 days of purchase. The company offers email and phone customer support. It ships to most states in the USA. Shipping is free for orders over $30.

CBD Daily CBD Cream is available in different sizes and strengths, and is cruelty-free and vegan. The cream is manufactured in a solar-powered facility in California, and a portion of sales is donated to the nonprofit Get Together Foundation. The company is committed to helping people enjoy better health and happier lives. In addition to promoting a happier and healthier lifestyle, CBD Daily Cream is 100% vegan. To make it more ethical, they also provide a money back guarantee.

Directions for use

CBD Daily Intensive Cream is a highly effective topical solution for many common skin conditions. Its unique formula is formulated with hemp CBD oil and contains 0% THC. Hemp CBD is a widely-accepted form of relief and is a breakthrough ingredient in holistic health. In addition to being safe for skin, CBD is also incredibly effective in treating muscle aches, reducing inflammation and discomfort, and providing an instant calm.

The CBD Daily Intensive Cream contains 180 mg of CBD. This product is suitable for experienced users of CBD-based skincare and is infused with powerful natural essential oils. The rich texture of this product ensures a deeply hydrating effect, leaving the skin soft, supple, and comfortable. Among its users are beauty professionals, professional athletes, and outdoor enthusiasts. For best results, apply a small amount on the affected area for 20 to 30 minutes.