The city of Knoxville is located on the Tennessee River in eastern Tennessee. You can tour the city’s 19th-century buildings and explore the area’s history in the Market Square district. You can also visit the Museum of East Tennessee History for interactive exhibits, regional art, and Civil War artifacts. James White’s Fort, built by a Revolutionary War captain, is also worth visiting, especially the reconstructed log cabin from 1786.

World’s Fair Park

The public park World’s Fair Park is located in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee. It sits on the former fairgrounds of the Knoxville World’s Fair in 1982. World’s Fair Park is home to the Sunsphere and the Tennessee Amphitheater. The park also features events, concerts, and family-friendly activities. The park has a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy, such as a playground, amphitheater, and a water park.

The world’s fair left a lasting historic mark on Knoxville, and the 1982 fair was no exception. The fair showcased the latest technological advances and brought together 22 countries for 184 days. This weekend, Knoxville will mark the 40th anniversary of the fair and hold a Kick-off Celebration for the event. The festivities will feature food from all over the world, live entertainment, silent auctions, and tours of the world’s fair grounds.

The park is a great place to enjoy the outdoors during the warmer months. It is a popular spot to enjoy sports such as soccer and frisbee. In addition, the park is the location of Knoxville’s convention center and World’s fair exhibition hall. While there, you can also explore the historic downtown area on foot. It’s easy to get around with the free trolley. And don’t forget about the food – the city’s restaurants offer everything from old-fashioned breakfast to international favorites.

Sunsphere is free to enter, although some events may charge for admission. You can also explore the market square, which has been the heart of Knoxville since the 1860s. It is a popular place for events, and the Square has many restaurants, cafes, and bars. If you want to dine outside, you can catch a free outdoor concert or enjoy a Shakespeare on the Square. Two water play fountains add a fun touch to the square.

Knoxville Museum of Art

The Knoxville Museum of Art is an art museum in Knoxville, Tennessee that specializes in the art of East Tennessee. Visitors can see everything from ancient sculptures to contemporary art. It is also an excellent place to see East Tennessee’s rich culture and history. The museum also features a variety of special exhibits and lectures. The staff is very friendly, and the art on display is varied. There are plenty of free activities for children, and many of the exhibits are free.

The Knoxville Museum of Art opened its doors in 1961. Originally located in a neighborhood mansion, the museum is now located in a newly-designed building designed by noted American architect John Russell Pope. The museum quickly outgrew its original home and had to move to a larger space with more security, climate control, and the capacity to attract important exhibitions. The new space was opened in 2001 and is a great addition to the city.

The museum’s gallery space is a great place to relax and enjoy a day out. It is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10am to 5pm. Admission is free. To view the collection, visit the museum during their hours of operation. You’ll find some of the finest examples of American art in this space. Just make sure to plan enough time for your visit. And don’t forget to bring your camera! The museum is open seven days a week, so you can make an appointment that works for you.

For those interested in the visual arts, the Knoxville Museum of Art is a great place to start. They have regular events, workshops, and seminars, and offer a wide range of art and culture. You’ll find plenty of other things to do and see in Knoxville. It is also possible to book hotel rooms in the area to stay and enjoy your visit to Knoxville. It’s important to remember that there are so many places to see and visit in Knoxville.

Knoxville Zoo

The Knoxville Zoo is located on 53 acres just east of downtown Knoxville. It is easily accessible by exit 392 of Interstate 40. Over 585,000 people visit the zoo each year. During your visit, you can see over 1,200 animals. The zoo is free to enter. For more information, visit The Zoo is a family-friendly attraction for all ages.

The Knoxville Zoo is a wonderful place to take your family. The zoo is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that contracts with the city of Knoxville. The board of directors meets six times a year and approves the annual budget in December. You can visit the zoo year-round or for a special event. Accommodations and tours are available at the zoo. The zoo is a great place for family outings, and the zoo offers great value for money.

Zoo Knoxville is also home to internationally-renowned herpetology experts. Many reptiles and amphibians that are at risk of extinction are housed here. The zoo’s new campus uses the ARC acronym to reflect its role as a modern-day “ark.” The herpetology department is one of the best in the country, and it is an essential part of the zoo’s mission. Before the new building was built, only 10% of the herpetology staff were on view.

The new addition to the zoo was recently announced. The $5 million gift from Jim Clayton helped the Zoo Knoxville build a state-of-the-art reptile facility on a 2.5 acre campus. The new ARC Center is one of the largest projects in the zoo’s Dream Wilder capital campaign and a significant addition for the zoo’s collection. It is also the largest gift received by the zoo in history.

Cradle of Country Music Walking Tour

The Cradle of Country Music Walking Tour in downtown Knoxville is an excellent way to learn about the city’s rich musical heritage. The tour features the places where many country music legends got their start, including Hank Williams, Dolly Parton, and Roy Acuff. It also highlights the city’s connections to legends like Elvis Presley and Charlie Oaks. In addition to the music, the tour features a walking tour of the historic 100 Block of Gay Street.

You can also visit Fort Dickerson, which was the headquarters of General Longstreet, and Fort Sanders, where the Battle of the Little Big Horn ended. You can pick up a free brochure from the Visitors Center. For more information about Knoxville’s music history, visit the East Tennessee History Center and downtown Visitors Center. You’ll be glad you did. Knoxville is home to several music legends, and a walking tour will provide a glimpse into their lives.

After you’ve seen the highlights of Knoxville’s historic district, take a train ride through the surrounding countryside. The Three Rivers Rambler will take you through the heart of downtown Knoxville, past the University of Tennessee stadium and University Commons shopping center. The ride will stop at some farmland on the city’s outskirts, where you can enjoy live music. There are also several outdoor and indoor attractions to enjoy in Knoxville, including plenty of dog-friendly restaurants and a brewery with a patio.

Live music is an important part of the city’s history. The Tennessee Theatre is the site of many notable concerts, and the Bijou Theater has a thriving musical scene. You can also listen to an avant-garde bluegrass concert at the Mill & Mine, a converted warehouse. Several famous acts have performed here, including Dolly Parton. You can also take in some great music in the city’s restaurants and shops.

Everly Brothers Park

The newest addition to the city’s park system is a memorial park named after the legendary rock & roll duo, the Everly Brothers. The brothers first got their start in Knoxville, Tennessee, in 1953, when they moved to the city and began performing on the Cas Walker Show. The brothers eventually branched out into country music and made Knoxville their home. Today, their park in Knoxville is the only such commemorative park in the U.S.

The Everly Brothers began performing together in Knoxville, Tennessee, before hitting the big time in Nashville. In Knoxville, they were known as “The Everly Brothers,” and they made a name for themselves performing in Bearden, a neighborhood adjacent to downtown. Today, they are celebrated as one of the best-selling country music acts in history. You can take the self-guided tour of their former home to get a taste of the music that made them so famous.

After the band’s success, the Everly Family struggled to find jobs. They eventually found work as superintendents at an apartment complex. They moved to Scenic Drive about six months after arriving in Knoxville. The park is now a popular destination for families and visitors alike. If you’re planning a visit to the park, make sure to reserve a spot early. The park is open to the public and is free of charge.

The Everly Brothers made their name during the 1950s. They played at the Tennessee Valley Fair in the fall of 1964. Both men were aspiring musicians, and grew up in the small red house near Sutherland Avenue. They later met songwriter Chet Atkins, and he offered to help them pursue a recording career. After this, the brothers recorded “Bye Bye Love” in February 1957. The song was rejected by 30 other acts and reached No. 2 on the pop charts, behind Elvis Presley. They also became number one on the country and R&B charts.

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